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Worm screw gearboxes

The worm screw gearboxes, model "RVF", are suitable for manual opening and closing of ball valves, throttle valves, plug valves etc; besides they can be used in all the applications with 90° manoeuvring.

All the gearboxes are intended for universal fixing with ISO flanges; on request it is possible to change the flanging type.

Bevel gearboxes

The bevel gearboxes, model "C", are suitable for manual opening and closing of sluice valves and gate valves.

The gearbox are built entirely by steel with bronze or Ni-resist cast iron nut screw, complete with handwheel, rod protection and rust preventer painting.

Worm screw gearboxes with 90° transmission

The worm screw gearboxes model "RVF-90°" are intended with angular transmission for vertical movement.

Worm screw gearboxes for modulation

The worm screw gearboxes, model "RVFM", are intended for motorization for 1.200 maneuvers per hour, 90° or 360° rotation.

It is possible to request on each model: prearrangement for padlocking, construction for low operating temperature (down to -50°C), construction comply with ATEX Directive, construction for marine environment and oil lubrification.